Gel lak (trajni lak) Shimmering Dust 15ml

“Gel lak (trajni lak) Shimmering Dust 15ml
Gel lak (trajni lak) Shimmering Dust je zagasita, hladna ljubičasta nijansa sa sivim podtonom. Ovaj će vas gel lak (trajni lak) posebno oduševiti svojim prelijepim sjajem!”

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“Gel Polish Shimmering Dust 15ml
Gel polish Shimmering Dust is a smokey, cold purple with a gray undertone. This gel polish will amaze you with its beautiful iridescent shimmer!
Immediately ready for use and very glossy – those are the traits of our Juliana Nails Gel Polish. Our gel polish dries in 120 seconds under the UV-light or in just 60 seconds under the LED-light, saving you a lot of time and nerves! With its unbeatable durability of three weeks and its very glossy finish, gel polish also gives you a slight natural nail reinforcement, which allows your natural nails to grow longer! That is why gel polish is the perfect alternative to the classic nail polish!
Viscosity: thin
Curing time: LED 60 seconds / UV 120 seconds

Choose from a variety of colors and effects and let the great properties of this power-polish amaze you!
Combine our gel polish with beautiful effects such as Finish matt, Glitter or Rhinestones to give your manicure a unique look with a wow-effect!
Did you know that you can also wear gel polish on your feet? It is perfect for pedicures and lasts even longer!

Our tip for you:
Your look will last up to three weeks if you combine it with our Gel Polish Base & Finish.
For an extra strong hold, apply a primer to the natural nail.
To remove the sticky layer after the last cure, we recommend using a gel cleaner.
With our gel polish remover and remover tool, you can easily remove any gel polish.
Are you still at the very beginning and looking for the right accessories for your gel polish color? Then have a look at our starter sets. They contain everything you need for a perfect gel manicure or pedicure.
The starter set Gel Polish Standard includes a UV lamp that lets your polish dry in 120 seconds.

Find out here how to work with gel polish:
Wash and disinfect your hands
As a first step, the natural nail should be prepared by pushing back the cuticle and removing it.
After that, lightly buff and dust the nail.
Apply a thin layer of primer and allow it to dry for 20 seconds.
Apply a thin layer of Base & Finish gel polish without getting to the cuticle and cure it for 120 seconds in a UV-lamp or 60 seconds in a LED-lamp.
Apply a thin coat of gel polish carefully onto the nail and allow it to dry for 120 seconds in a UV-lamp or 60 seconds in a LED-lamp. If you find it necessary, you can repeat this step.
As a final step, apply Base & Finish gel polish again. Pay attention to the tip of the nail and cover the nail well.
This layer is also cured for 120 seconds in a UV-lamp or 60 seconds in a LED-lamp.
Lastly, remove the sticky layer with our Gel Cleaner.

Removing the gel:
It does not take much to remove your gel manicure:
To prepare the gel for the remover, roughen your color with a file.
Remove with Remover Clips:
Soak a cotton pad with the Gel Polish Remover and attach it to the nail with Remover Clips.
Remove with Remover Wraps:
Soak the cotton pad attached to the aluminum foil with Gel Polish Remover and then wrap it around your nail.
After 10-15 minutes, remove the clips or wraps to see the softened gel, which can now be easily removed using the Remover Tool.


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